IMG_6066The younger days

I was born in England – North london in 1984. No the best areas in England but at least I became streetwise. From a young age I was involved in an number of different sports from athletics to cricket, you name it. All I wanted to do when I was young was to play sports. I’ve always had a good athletic abilities which I must say helped me with all the sports I took part in. After exhausting all those sports, I found myself with a great interest for the gym, so from the age of 18 I started casually going to the gym, my interest built consoderly. I went onto gaining a number of qualifications within the fitness industry.

Fast forward to 2009.

One day in 2009, I sat down in my living room and starred at a Muscle and Fitness magazine wondering how do I actually get into the magazines? How do you get onto a cover like this or even into the inside pages? So that day I did a bit of research on google and found a Fitness competition and guess what? One of the prizes was to actually feature in Muscle and fitness. So this is where my competition career started.

My competition career

So from 2009 I started to compete, I won my first competition, the feeling was amazing, I got the bug. I went onto competing and winning several times along the way. I had periods disappointment but this is what made me stronger, I came back more determined.

In 2013, UKBFF Men’s Physique division was in it’s second year in the UK, I decided to compete with this federation as I knew that it gave me the opportunity to become an IFBB Pro, which id the ultimate goal. To become an IFBB Pro you have got to win the Overall at the British finals, but first you have to qualify for it. So in Nov 2013 I entered my first UKBFF qualifier, I came 3rd but luckily because it was so close I still got the qualification needed for the British finals. I went onto compete at the English grand prix and managed to win my class but to also take the overall title. two months later was the British finals, I won my class of 40 physiques and then took the overall gain, which meant I had just earned my pro card.

I’ve now just qualified for Olympia 2016, where I placed 1st at the San Marino Pro, so now going up against the actual best in the world is what it is all about.

I believe if you want something so bad and you have the right attitude, you can achieve anything. This is something that I really do believe in. There is now sacrifice for hard work.

Going Forward

I am looking forward to the season ahead, 2016 will be a good year for me on and off the stage. I am currently in an off season period, but I do still like to stay relatively lean, as it represents fitness and healthy eating.

My aim is to inspire you as you follow my journey. I intend to share everything with you right here on my website. Life can be a struggle but I am here to help you fight that but also teach you the ability to stay strong, stay motivated and be consistent.

My current stats

Height – 6ft
Stage weight – 91kg
Off season weight – 96kg – 98kg
Hair – Black
Eye colour – Brown